My Biography

Name: EV *will not expose real name*
Site Name/Trademark: Yenniedoll
Zodiac: Gemini
Country: Malaysia
Race: Chinese
Religion: Catholic

Studies: Diploma in Interactive Multimedia Design (PJCAD)

My Fav:
Fav Pets: Dogs, cats, hamsters, fish, rabbits, ....
Fav Color: Pink, purple, and black
Fav Food: Spaghetti and pizza *i love cheese*
Fav music: R&B, Pop, rock, punk, country, ... *as long as is not hard rock metal then its ok*
Fav Magazine: Popteen, Vivi and Girlfriend
Fav cosmetic: The mascara
Fav Books: Harry Potter and The Clique
Fav Labels: Juicy Couture, Baby Phat and Abercrombie & Fitch

Hobbies: Singing, dancing, internet is a MUST, manicure, jewelry making, craft, design clothes, making graphic, chatterbox, shopping, mixing around with people around the world, reading fashion magazines, playing games, drawing,

Describe about me:
Im a girl who CHAT ALOT, when im bored. I get bored easily. I love to mix around with different races.
Im crazy, funny, sometimes i do stupid things.. i can make people laugh =D
Im a NERD for computer stuff but i dont look like one.
I shop ALOT , but at a reasonable price. Im a Fashionista. And a Model Wannabe.
Im Girlie and Punkie at the same time.
A MUSIC FREAK, who cant live without MUSIC. I sing and dance like a Pop-star wannabe. A Bedroom Singer.Im born as a Designer which some of my stuff are self designed.
I called myself Estrella (it means star in spanish)
I have 2 graphic site which is inactive.
Too Ambitious make me very CONFUSE.
I want to Travel around the world especially ITALY, ROME, and Japan
Im a Low Profile person, hides many secret.
A LAZY person at times
Love Baking ... cant believe i said that
Yenniedoll is just a Trademark. Which represent as a Rich Cute Doll
Well, here are just LiL Bit Of This AnD ThaT aBout ME..
Welcome to My World at Yenniedoll
where I put All my Interest in One =D

view more about ME : CLICK HERE

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