My indian friend 21st Birthday

Last saturday night i went to my friends 21st birthday party at Shah Alam..

I reached there before most of the people. -_-

Actually the birthday girl is my friend best friend... so...

thats how im invited.

My friend, she wears a very sexy black V cut dress... VERY SEXY, till all the guys drolling at her.@@

Sorry no picture, will get it from her soon..

While waiting , the dj was playing some number of tracks. Mostly indian songs...

After all the guest arrive...

We then sang happy birthday and cut cake..

Then after dinner,


DANCE!!! In the HALL


Ok, i never been to clubbing but, this can be my 1st experiance...

very sweaty and very tired plus headache -_-

oh ya, if you been wondering what i wear?

I was wearing like this :

Here is the GIFT for the birthday girl

Same Pattern and color with my outfit ^^

I gave her a nice star necklace =)

from the party :
- The phtographer was taking lots pic of me
- The DJ look at me when i dance -_-
- My dad says ' are you the birthday girl or what? ' LOL
- Dance in the hall is Sooo.. um weird but nice.

Thats all =)

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