Old Cosmetics can be re-use? Yes you can! Lets rescue it

How to Rescue? .....BIBUBIBUBIBU Tips 101

Instead of NOOOoooooooOOOOOOOOOOo!!!


broken, smudged,dried,clogged????? say no more

This guide will teach you how to safe it =)

Broken Pencil

Cause : If you find your lip liner or eyeliner seems to be breaking especially everytime you try sharpening it. The lead may be brittle on the inside.

Cure : Refrigerate your pencil for 2 hours. Then try sharpening again.

Prevention Tips : Don't leave your eye pencil at the bottom of heavy make-up bag as the juggling around can break the lead in the middle.


Cause : Over exposure to heat. Frequently dropping the stick or by putting on the cover before the whole lipstick has been retracted.

Cure : Cut out the lipstick and mash into a little pot. Use a blow dryer to melt it back in place and leave it to set.

Prevention Tips : Don't put it in the sun! However shows sign of melting, stick it in the refrigerator, so it can regain its original consistency.


Cause : Leaving your nail polish untouched for a long period or not closing the lid well will dry up the chemicals in the bottle.

Cure : Just add a few drops of nail polish remover and shake it.

Prevention tips : shake the bottle every now and then, even if you're not using it and check if the lids are closed well.


Cause : Usually it's just the result of dropping the make-up palette. Palettes shatter because it's made out of a thin layer of powder. Making them fairly fragile.

Cure : Add drops of pharmacy obtained alcohol (don't add too much, just enough to turn the powder into paste). Leave it till dry but not completely, it should be a little wet but not sticky (use your fingers to touch) Wrap a coin in thick tissue and press down on the palette so it packs in well and has a smooth surface area.

Prevention tips : When travelling, pack your make-up neatly. You can also wrap it up with cotton puffs to make sure it gets to your destination in one piece.


Cause : Too much air has been pumped into the mascara caking it on the inside.

Cure : Add a drop or two of saline solution and wriggle the wand around to mix the liquid.

Prevention tips : Don't pump in the mascara wand! using smaller wand is another option, as the bottle opening is smaller allowing for less air to seep in.


Cause : It could be a pump defect if it doesn't work from when you bought it, otherwise it could be clogged by a bit of lotion that's hardened and blocking the passage.

Cure : Run the pumps under hot water, be careful not to melt the mechanism though. Then use a bobby pin, needle or a toothpick to dig out the hardened bit of lotion.

Prevention Tips : excess lotion after each use.

Resource :Old Seventeen magazine

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