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My Name is

This is one of my assignment but guess whats my name... i think it should have no problem guessing it. :P

::::My site Name = Yenniedoll ::::

why yenniedoll? Does my real name is yennie? the answer is nope. I 1st started to use this name on friendster because no one have it. Plus it actually abit related to my name. One of my chinese name is "Yen" .. Yen= the japan currency =money . I added the "nie" to sound cute. I added "doll" is because i love dolls and my mom says that when i was young i actually look like a doll. O.o

"You can call me "EV" or "Evie" as my short nick "


Im a girl that have many interest. My major interest are in "ARTS". Yes i do love art. My passion for ART grow when im 12. drawing become my passion at 1st. I did not know how to draw well. all i can draw is 1 simple house like kindergarden kids also can do it. One day i was so angry that i cant draw. Then i took a book "how to draw book" and start to copy from there. But, its kinda boring then. Then i took some life object and see and draw. -_-

I spend all night practising . At 1st i practise drawing shapes then shading.. Later i found a colouring book from singapore airlines. The book have all kinds of animals. I look at the drawing and draw. And this is them... LOL welcome to the zoo. (12 yrs old)

Yeah, i also cant believe i learn very fast and improved very fast. anyway, the good thing is 1st time my drawing on the class gallery.

this is how my passion for drawing grew.Haha, i used my drawing skill to get prize from my secondary school. I won award too. (ps: i very active in art competition during high school)

And then here is my final drawing skill (foundation)

After my passion for art began. I actually have another passion at the same time and its music (singing). It started when britney spears appear in my life. Without her my love for music wont be there. Im one of britney fans last time. I used to have all her albums (i still keep them). That time , I actually cant sing wan. But i keep pushing myself... practise practise and practise. O.O After that i really enjoy singing. I then search some lyrics online to sing .=P from that time, i really wanted to be a singer. This is one of my dreams. I even started to write lyrics. But i dont just write,=.= I hear melody in my head. Yeah sometimes, i can really hear melody when im alone. I know its crazy. O.o But too bad that i cant go to ICOM (International College Of Music), because my dad dont like me to become 1. Cause in malaysia = poor = not successful

When i was 13, i began to make rubbish. O.o eh, dont call me rubbish girl ok. This rubbish is not rubbish its art. My dad called it rubbish. I have lots hobby. every birthday of mine...my gifts are some D.I.Y books. My so called rubbish are craft. I make jewelry too. Well i like to make stuff. I like to make my own stuff. Sometimes i cant get it elsewhere so i make it. And i've been spending most money on beads , in liliycraft shop. It can go too rm100 . O.O thats why you see, now im in love with Art Friend. I still remember that theres one time i make a dusbin out of newspaper then my dad trow it away... -_- damn... I learn alot of craft from Art attack,my fav show.

This is glass painting

This is mini size cushion

My winning poppuri

Beads!!! I loves em

Some D.I.Y books, ps i have many...include wire jewelry and string bracelets

My fancy Heavenly biography book. Made by me

My passion for fashion began when i wear like a "kid".I usually dont wear nice to tuition. Because its meant for studying not a runway. I wear "house clothers". There's 1 day i heard someone gossiping and say that i wear like a kid. OMG. then i quickly tell my mom i want to buy new clothers. -_- Went to the mall, and fall in love with pretty clothers. Now let me tell you about how i wanted to be a fashion designer. I have many barbie dolls. I loved to play with them. But dont have money to buy the clothers for them , so i design and sew for my dolls. I use whatever cloth that i can find. So from that day my dolls actually become a model for me.-_- and i design for them. There's some fashion design competition i enter during highschool. The thing is its funny that i didn't take fashion at the end even tho i keep saying i want to be a fashion designer.

Erm, 1st design

One of the contest for wedding theme

My sexy girl

My loved for websites began when i was at form 4. Erm, last time the internet is not so popular. After my dad have streamyx, then its easier for me to surf the web + play games. I played Nick , then i form a club there. They allow customized HTML. So i was new to HTML. I found some people put some nice graphics, then while i brows for the graphics. I went to many graphic related website. And it looks interesting. Its wasn't popular at that time. I also played neopets last time, the reason is i want to form my club (guild) there . Im amazed that many small kids in the US knows photoshop. @.@ some even knows basic HTML. I was so influence by all this. Find it interesting. And i started my own graphic site. That is princessluvxx . The whole site done by me. I took about 2 months to learn all the HTML,CSS and some basic Java ,photoshop, paint shop pro,animation shop and done the whole website myself.Where did i learn? of cause in the internet. I didnt maintain it since the day i enroll to college but now i want to create a new site. I was happy that i eligible to join webmaster club in form 5 when they just open. =P

So you see, i have 3 passion music, fashion and websites. Can you imagine me walking to each college and ask... can i study this and this at the same time. whoa, its hard for me to choose. But at the end i choose Multimedia design. Basically I'm learning to do website using software (my web i use notepad). Im very noob to software 1 . Learn flash , flash games and also basic 3D animation.

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