How To: Live A CHANNEL Life

If you think Glamorous lifestyle is way out of reach because of your McDonald's wages,think again.A few changes to the way you manage your money could change all that. It's a hard knock life for us no more..

Below are some savings tips- take them on board and watch the cash roll in!

  • Designate one weekend evening where you stay home. Hire a DVD and cuddle up to your boy or have a food and gossip session with your girlfriends.

  • Take your spring cleaning one step further by selling your stuff on eBay or other method like selling at college or to friends. One girlfriend's trash is another treasure!

  • Empty your loose change into a jar at the end of the day,and deposit the lot into your savings account each month.

  • Join the loyalty programs of your favourite cinemas and stores and take advantage of their discount offer and rewards.

  • Think before you buy.Try to head to a stores that have discount going on.

  • Best sellers are best savers! Save by buying books at payless or a bookshop that have discount and offer.( for overseas place like Target is a must)

  • Use your consession at cinema, on public transport, and certain events, so work it, baby!

  • Subscribe to your favourite mag - Save on the newsstand price and get a cool pressie for doing it too.

  • Buy your basics,like T-shirts and undies at Factory Outlets or Brands Outlets. It's not like their styles ever change.

  • Make your own lunch .Not only is it healthier, but it will save you a fortune considering how quickly it adds up when you buy it everyday.

  • Save petrol by only use car or motor if you have to go to a long journey. If not, try take public transport like bus or LRT or KTM (for malaysians).Or even a bike.

And Lastly

While its true that money makes the world go round, it's important to remember that it does not buy you happiness. Use these saving tips to maximise your living potential,but don't turn into a complete scrooge,workaholic or shallow,designer-clad brat! Avoid extremes and have fun making money don't use it too sparingly and don't let it rule your life-it is definitely not worth it at the expense of your dignity and loves ones (and a true Channel girl would not be caught dead behaving this way) happy researching,saving, shopping and splurging!

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