The Torture Chamber

This looks like a nice transport to take (the metro) but..........

This is a true story. It happen to me many times when i started to take public transport such as bus. This is the only bus that takes me from my home to PJ asia jaya. Yes, I study at PJCAD,pj. The only thing is that the bus is always pack with many people,and most of them are not local. There are bangla, Pakistani and so on. Imagine pack like sardin in this bus with their smelly odours? It really smells especially after college ,that is around 6:30pm. Because its so pack and you can nearly touch the main door of the bus. people tense to take advantage. They try to molest you. Ewww, right? Anyway this is not really ...the most scary part.

It was my 1st semester and i try the bus a few times and its ok. Sometime its tiring too. Early morning i wait for bus ,sit on 1 corner. Then when the bus reach certain places. Because next to me have an extra sit. I put a folder on the chair. Suddenly this guy came and ask can he sit there (i was naive) .. He sit next to me. Then he started to ask alot of questions. where i live, i study/working . after that.. Guess what he want to exchange number. its like O.O .
oK, this is only 1 time. The next few days later also get d same thing but different guy.
One guy event worst! He ask me i know how to speak Mandarin ...and ask me to translate for him. WTF. AND ALL THESE GUYS ASK FOR MY NUMBER IN THE END. Guess what, i didn't even bother. Most of them are malay or bangla ...
There is 1 time , before chinese new year same bus, metro. I have to balik kampung (go back hometown) , er i actually rent a room at pj. But actual home in subang. So, it was raining. And its very tiring to carry the luggage. I carry in the bus and there is no sit so i have to stand on the bus. After a few station later. There's a sit. I carry and went to sit there. There's a girl sitting next to me. Then after the girl left. there's an empty sit and this guy from the back come to sit with me. LIKE WTF! -_- he then taking advantage by asking where is mydin. then he like sitting more and more closer to me . @.@ Then he ask me i knoiw chinese or not. Guess what? The worst thing is his breath very smelly like dead fish. How long he didnt brush his teeth? Then he ask me "those question" like any other guy do. sigh . when he show me the chinese msg to read. he like molesting me. His arm keep gosok me....ewww. when he show me the msg closser n closser. I sit next to teh window and cant RUN! Then when almost raech mydin,he ask me for my number. And i say, i dun remember my number (ps: i really do not rmb, new number). he say i lie. Then he take a paper and write his number ... and gave it to me. then he finally went down to mydin.
The end, when i reach my station.. (i was still holding the paper). I tear it and trew it away.
That's why im so scared of taking metro bus. I prefer rapid KL now. Bus rapid doesnt go to my place. so this is why i renting at pj. The bus and people are different compare to subang area there. too many "those" people. Its a totally nightmare for me

So girls aware of this thing. Whenever there is an empty sit next to you go to a sit that have a girl or else stand. Standing is better. Also if you are wearing sexy...or exposed.. do cover up with a crop jacket or something.

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