My sexy New Scarf

On last sunday me n my parents went to MV(midvalley) to celebrate my dad birthday.

So we walk around food hunting and end up in Fish Market -_____-

OMG, i saw my so-called friend there walking around MV... well later i tell u the story bout her.

After nice fresh fish & chips we went to the gardens to hunt for the garden.

But we search and search and we found nothing "Nadaaa" no garden..

"Garden under renovation"

My dad decide to have a tea at some expensieve cafe

ERm, pictures are with my sister..

whisper * we order 1 very yummy ice-cream sundae and its rm12* not bad

I really planning to buy a scarf and its from MOMOE

I love that shop ,especially those japan stuff.

I buy it at 50% off! normal price is rm80

i buy because its trendy and it keep me warm for college and office purpose.
And guess what? its on trend now. If you want to get a scarf to just for deco, i recommend
a thin light scarf..

Spending hours with my camera time

Close look at my scarf

WTF... -_-

Erm, is my scarf sexy? It really look gud on shorts -__-

I also buy a new so-called wallet
(nighmare before christmas)

Taddaaaa, am i too childish ah? btw, coz its small n easy to put in my pocket.LOL

My horrible smile..OUCH , kiss of death (gothic?)

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