The EMO part oF Me

Waking up In the daylight or dark makes no differents,
Everyday its like the same old repeating of life,
I tatse Bitter In every food that i eat,
Water tatse like dirty river,
Trying to put on a smile,
but my smile is made of thick layer of makeup,
I see dead roses outside whenever i pass,
I feel the cold breeze outside,
When i hear HAHAHA,
to me its WUAHAHA,
Deep down in my heart,
There's only knifes,
and i feel pain in my head that it will never cure,
My endless tears is warm,
warm with anger,
My life is dark, my life is cold,
Im living in the shadow,
Where Nobody see's me,
cause im Invisible

[ps: Just writting some emo stuff , but im fine, dont take it seriously *smiles* ]

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