CicaK!!!! 1st time design LOGO for people

This is my 1st time designing LOGO for people. I think i did pretty well for the 1st time. Gosh, im a Multimedia Student. Not Graphic @_@..

The Blogger trademark is LittleCicak, usually it's eassier for me to have an idea on how the LOGO should look like when there is a character. So, I just illustrated the Cicak (lizard) and i just skip the tail. As for him , the tail is very important. So, The tail represent his site. =X

I took about 1 hour to think of an idea , trace, change the font size , and final aproval.

Check out his site for the banner (he use it for his banner)

note: If you want 1 , you gotta pay xD [price list will soon be out]

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