A Good Comeback

 Publika for Chanel Fashion Show
 Dress from Dorothy Perkins

Pardon me if I leave some of you hanging with my CNY entry. Well, many have awesome CNY, mine has an incredible unexpected journey. That journey of mine failed to eat my loved "Triangle Kuey Teow" because there were house construction going on and STILL GOING at a new neighbor house.So there goes my mood of blogging. Anyway, CNY is so yesterday. Let's move on and skip that journey. I promise that.

My life is pretty interesting after CNY (Chinese New Year). It's very unexpected and very awesome! Few months back, I've finish my internship at MIFA, done my "oh-so-boring" report and got offered to work at a MODELLING AGENCY! SHssss! Not gonna reveal now. *winks* Uh-Huh, That explain why I am so busy nowadays. Busy with Fashion Events.

Besides working, I went for my very first concert using my own hard earn money. The band that I dying to listen live, Evanescence.Amy Lee voice is worth every single cents. She definitely rocked KL that night and it was an unforgettable night.

And for now, I'm planning to launch my own fashion jewelry line, new brand and new look. Hope to launch it by next month.

I love you, readers.
Keep supporting!

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