Pre- Chinese New Year

Dragon Face
 Hey guys. I know that I have been floating my blog with my splurge on shopping. I actually shopped less this year compared with last year. Shopping malls were surprisingly quiet during this festive season. Everybody must have been trying to save as much money as they can. We Chinese celebrate Chinese new year every year. In this multiracial country , everybody gets to enjoy the holiday no matter what race you are.Plus, shopping malls have major final cut on their products.

This year is the year of the Dragon . I am born in the year of Dragon. So that means I have lot's of good luck awaiting me. Well, I hope so.

Longest dragon at Pavilion , one of the best decorations among all

Shopping malls were decorated with Chinese ornaments such as the lotus flower , blossom and dragon.

Prosperity God and Me

Yee Lin + Prosperity God + Nurul
 There's a meet and greet with prosperity god and he was giving some sweets to some people.I thought he was so generous to give the money from his hand. Haha. I think he likes my friend ,Yee Lin, so he gave her sweets but not me and Nurul.
Dishes: Sushi , Japanese Egg Wrap (looks like pataya) and Salmon Yee Sang

On the 18th , the om nom nom bloggers group organize a gathering. I was not suppose to be there but because my boyfriend was one of the members so he brought me along. We went to Sushi King , Midvalley.
Since I or some other never try japanese "Lousang" before , so we decided to have a try. Turned out pretty good.The Lousang is for 6 people maximum , cost RM 38. The price is quite reasonable.

The after effect after "Lou" the Yee Sang

Everyone uses their chopstick and began to create a mess with this dish. This is the fun part of it. The purpose is to wish for more luck and money for the year.There's no problem wishing for a new love. Hehe.

This is the Om Nom Nom Member , from left - Tikkos, Jayren, Simon, Me , Bern and Yuh Jiun
We were very happy to meet Tikkos again after 6 months of Missing In Action. Just kidding, he wasn't missing , he was happily traveling around the world.I was very into his experience in China as I never been to China before even I am Chinese.

Handmade by Me - Chinese Knot Earrings
Here I am signing off and wishing everyone a Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Holiday ! I will be back on 26 Jan . Johor food here I comeeee~


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