CNY Shopping #Day2

 The second day i shopped for shoes! Yes girls. Shoes is our best friend. I bought 3 pairs of shoes that is on discount.

 Black Heels from Andre Valentino - RM 179 , after discount is RM 50!!

the base is coated with leather lining.

 Flats from Coloris - RM 49 .

I absolute love the black bow with the ended gold beads.

Flats from Coloris - RM 49 

Suede fabrication with studs is love
I love studs and chains.

 Candy Doll Lipstick - RM 58

The last purchase of my CNY shopping is Candy Doll lipstick that will turn any Asian to look like a japanese doll aka Harajuku style. My friends said that I look like a sick person when i apply that lipstick. How sad. .Anyway, I will do a blog post on how the lipstick color look on me . ^___^

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