Urban Decay Naked 2 Pre-Launch

The "Naked" Eyeshadow Palette that has been gossiping around these days.Wonder why is it so famous? Is it because of the kinky name NAKED or because of the quality? The answer is both.  Me and my new roommates went over to Starhill Sephora for the pre-launch Naked 2. They launch 200 limited sets on that day, 3pm. We reached there around 2.30pm . So only 200 of us are able to purchase the Naked 2. This was meant to be a SECRET launch and only fans will get to know the news earlier. Reasons why it is very limited is because our country has a really strict propaganda with the name. It is very hard to import this product to Malaysia.

The crowd was super crazy!!!! Fans are of course in-front of us. -_- They were shouting when the clock strikes 3pm sharp. Oh My..~~~~~~

If you watch Shopaholic. Yea, that was how exactly the scene was.

The Sephora staff distributed  some Urban Decay samples like Eyeshadow Primer Potion, Lip Junkie Gloss, and Tinted Moisturizer to those who queued for the Naked 2.

why this guy pose like this ?? he look so vain .

There were makeup demonstration and free makeover using the Naked 2 Palette

3 SETS!!


It looks like chocolate bars to me. 

She sure becomes a HAPPY GIRL now.

So do i. ^________^

above : samples from urban decay and Naked 2 

Honestly, I prefer Naked 2 because of the colors are not so nude. I prefer something Dark. So this is what I'm looking for. There are 12 colors with combination of matte , shimmer and glitter. The palette comes with a double ended brush and mirror.Naked 2 also comes with a lipgloss in plump. It's RM 179 per set.


  1. OMG~ can't wait to get myself one set of them but it's kinda pricey.

  2. Oooh lucky you! And you got freebies along with it. I'll be waiting for your review! :)