Ciate Caviar Manicure

This one yummy looking bottle of candy will make you forget about cracking nails that were exist few months back! Many fashion bloggers are already talking about this 3D multicolor micro beads texture that will turn boring nails to super awesome nails, a must get  Ciate Caviar Manicue set. I'm already getting excited when this can be found at Sephora! However , I'm not sure if this will be in Malaysia. Can't get my hands on them! So lovely! I bet some girls understand my craze right now. (uh-hum)

The Variety of Beads -  Rainbow, Mother of Pearl or Black Pearl

Not so solid white nails anymore, this one looks very Chanel and elegant. 
Very suitable for bridal 

Gothic or rock chic would love this , add some glitter and you are ready for the disco ball!

Remember eating donuts with sprinkles on top? Have it on your nails instead! 

That's it, now that I've introduce this product , let's wait for it to arrive in Malaysia!


  1. These look super pretty but also super messy.

  2. Tried asking around from my nail polish supplier, but sadly, this brand cannot b find in msia yet.