Fashion Week In Seoul Korea

The best experience I had this year was to be able to attend the Seoul Fashion Week in Korea. If you bloggers think that they give free tickets or whatsoever. People in Korea had to purchase the ticket at the price of RM 200++ each. Well, depends on what kind of show and day you wanna see.

 My good friend Porchea and Me

Surprisingly, there's many supporters who willing to purchase the ticket to watch the show. There were many Koreans I spotted walking to the hall. So many of them wearing their stylish winter clothing. It was beginning of Spring, the temperature was cold like below 14C. Luckily, on that day itself or specific location that held the fashion show is not that cold. We could even take off our outer wear. I spotted many tall and handsome Korean guys. (every girl dream come true) Hahahaha.... They are freaking tall unlike what we see on TV. Gosh, I feel like I'm 4 feet 9 next to them .


Me + Amy + Martin + Ashley Ahn

The weather was pretty awesome that my complexion changed! I feel like a Japanese girl next to any of my friends.  Sometime those Koreans thought that I'm Japanese. Hahahahaha. I wish! The weird thing about taking picture in 4 season countries is that the picture always comes out perfect. This is something I always wonder about.

When entering the building , me and my friends were so crazy to take picture in front of the photo wall. Most of us were like passing our stuff like bags or coat to dear Martin. Never Fear, he enjoys it and he strikes his own stylish pose. *good job Martin*.

  Me and Porchea wants to be a celebrity

For every show , we have to queue up for the door to open. Some camp there since early in the morning or let's say half an hour before the show? While my thoughts was like "why Malaysian complain after queue for few minutes? The hall was very big and they had to make sure they fill all the VIP. When mentioning about V.I.P, they are celebrities and buyers from internationally and locally who are seating on the front row. All the fans screams whenever they see one. Korean celebs are very hip nowadays. To be surprise, no one is late for the show. Koreans are very punctual. Me like!

They showcase some of the local Korean designer collections.
The silhouette is very Korean as it is very wide, squarish and spacy.

This is the trade show exhibition where the buyers search for more information about the designers.
I was pretty glad that not all stuff is pricey , some jewelry are quite reasonable price.
Somehow, I bought a necklace for my mom at the price of ..... RM 10.. Fuhyoo! 
Hope i can visit Korea for Fashion Week again ~


  1. woah.i wish i can be in Korea someday. Keen to see their peculiar fashion with colourful hair! =P

  2. what a great opportunity to attend that event.
    agree, the cold weather can actually makes our skin go smoother, mayb it's the theory of cold and pores get tighten up.

  3. cool~ You flew so far for the fashion show....x0

  4. that's interesting! Happy New Year!

  5. wow! bet u had an awesome time there! thanks for sharing the pics! Can't wait to head to Seoul someday!

  6. Zack - You should go when they have the show. It's a big eye opening to see.

    Anne Lee - Maybe that is the secret why all the koreans have smooth skin? haha ...

    Eunice- Yupz, we are crazy people . =P

    Wenn - Happy New Year Too!

    dblchin- you should! :)