Cute Handmade Berets [For Sale]

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These are cute little berets that is specially handmade for the blogshop Concordia. Don't look at me like that because I'm not the designer behind these berets, my lovely partner is the workmanship behind it. The berets are mostly "soft" type, very comfortable and stylish. Most suitable for "event's" or if you want to be at the center of attention. Or why not look special during CNY? Anyway , to my lovely readers (suddenly all becomes lovely to me, haha), I am giving a special price for this end of the year and the beginning of the year.

RM 25 Each! NP: RM 38
(not include postage)
Measured at 60 cm
Promotion ends 14 Jan 2012
for MY and SG

To order , simply leave in a comment below and tell me which one you want.
You can also email me your order at with title "ORDER Berets"

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  1. Handmade berets? :O Whoa, I'm impressed!

  2. Hilda Milda - Yeap! Handmade with sweats and hardwork . =) interested?

  3. It's pretttyyy but I am in Singapore :(

  4. Cookie.HuiJin - I can pos to SG if you really interested =)

    Xue Ren - Hehe, Thanks. All my poring face lookalike there . =X

  5. Nice! Im gonna blog about it for you.