it's 2012

It's 2012 and the weird thing is I still feel like it's 2011. Seriously can't believe it's 2012 , looks like the time goes too fast to even notice that the time passes while I'm busy. Yeah, I'm a busy woman and don't even have much time to go to any events anymore. Sigh. well , I don't wanna fail my internship and there's so much things to do like experiencing new roommates, designing jewelry and trying to keep this blog alive (I don't want it dead). The holidays are moving quickly like tornado , like a 15 mins show after another... First, it was Muslim holiday ( i realize that Monday blues went to holiday on December) , then Christmas and New Year , after 3 weeks it's gonna be Chinese New Year. The decorations are changing very quick as I can see that the effort has decrease because of the time is too tight.

I decided to celebrate Christmas and New Year with the parents. Somehow my parents decided to "eat at home". So we just takeaway the turkey from Victoria Station and other dishes, warm up and prepare some other small side lines. No fancy dining for the year 2011. Global financial crisis? Everyone is saving up. We ate turkey for 3 meals a day and I almost have phobic of looking at the turkey. *troll.jpg*

My dear Bern says that because I'm not into Christmas stuff so he gave me Halloween stuff instead. He also gave me some sweets as well. While I gave him something from my office and something I bought from KLCC which is next to my office. *no time to shop* .

 I went KTV with my KTV kaki at pavilion RedBox and the best thing is that their buffet is worth the price we pay. RedBox was so in the Christmas mood until they make Christmas theme cakes that seems too cute to eat!

Christmas was very simple like that and for new year we ate out and see fireworks from the balcony. Kind of bored so we feel #foreveralone . ZZzzzz

So here I need to face it that it's already 2012! It's the year of the Dragon . Hope it bring lot's of Luck!

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