Designer event by Cutout Magazine @ The Weld

Sometimes i wish people to love Art as much as i do.Maybe some people just don't get it?Recently 2 weeks ago before my Korea trip, Concordia (my blogshop) were chosen to be one of the vendors during the event. The event is basically a designer event organized by Cutout magazine which is a graphic design related magazine.Saito College were there to showcased their creative fashion show during the day too.

The theme for this event is GRAPHIC GOES GREEN. Not many of us aware of this kinda campaign and this is our purpose to promote creating products using recycle items. WE MUST SAVE OUR MOTHER EARTH.

The concept is very simple by just recycle boxes into tables.It's creative way of how we re-use trees.

Can you see the amount of boxes?

So yea, me and my partner decided to use boxes for our visual merchandising.

I always feel jealous whenever i cant do sewing because my partner can seriously sew nice berets!!!! This is the latest beret that I'm wearing.Somehow, if you are searching for something unique. Concordia is the place to shop for some unique berets.

This is my partner chew
From here can view our "L" concept

These are the berets

There's jewelry too!!
"my purple dog is enjoying"

Handmade Rings as low as RM15
(still available)

Artzy hand painted pendant necklaces

"psssstt, some actually GLOW IN THE DARK"

flower necklace for spring

I really love this handmade felt dog i bought..

because it's in 3D. Fuhyohhh....

Apart from me , there's so many creative vendors around me.


These are products that made of Papier Marche by 2 indian aunties

Something like we use newspaper, paper, glue and flour...

i wonder how it can heat me up with newspapers and don't know what she use. *secret*

Mirors are girls best friend.

I can't believe she wrap it with PAPER!!

I spent hours asking her how she make every items. Haha

I also found a vendor that use paper to make origami...

well, not some ordinary origami.

she also sells fabric for handicraft materials


drop by her shop at Jainabee

The Lady next to us sells handmade stools.This is seriously amazing and she sold 5 on the spot to 1 lady.

Some other vendors also catch my eyes

Handmade bags

Origami : Malaysia Version


Cute playable made from cut board illustration toys

Clay accessories by Colorss88

These are also by colorss88


The vendor that i found my cute lil purple puppy !! weee

I adore people making plushies .. ^^

Came across a friendly couple that approach me when i arrived

They sell cards, photo frame and also photo's taken using compact camera.

(he said that he did not use any editing software)

The lady above is Carolyn Lau, I find her interesting and friendly to talk with.
The most incredible thing that i found out is that she is an architect and she's doing this as a hobby.She makes jewelry out of newspaper / magazines.
I would say she's really good in her visual merchandising display.
The way she present is very save cost and creative
(sometime we don't have to be more to be creative)

Few hours later ,

they had some talks and award ceremony to the winners of Canvas Bag Design competition

Something very extreme i never seen before

super Avant Garde garments

It's great that all the vendors i chat with are all friendly and i know all of us only have one mission. Our mission is to make people appreciate handicraft work.Art never dies.So does fashion and music.

Thanks CutOut Magazine, it's a good start and looking forward for the next event.

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