Samsung Smart TV launch @ 1 Utama

Samsung just launch their Smart TV at 1 Utama on Tuesday ,
I was one of the female blogger that attended this event.
For me it is also a good opportunity to explore more about high technology gadgets so i can understand guys even better. (haha).

register and they gave me ...

a media press kit and a cool 3D shades!!

I wish i can take it back with me
(there's a on and off button at the side of the frame to ON/OFF 3D mode)
sounds good?

Surprise that Mike was there too!!

"i still don't know how to look like a 8bit,
maybe someone should create a spectacles to view human in 8bit"

The boxes looks very 3D don't you think so?

(should take off the spec for a moment)

because we will not see Elaine Daily in 4D!!!

She's the MC for the event

Opening address by Mr. Yu Jai Sul , Managing Director, Samsung.

A presentation given by Mr.Chong , AV Marketing Leader, CE Product Marketing, Samsung.

Here i can tell what i remember from his presentation

- we can now talk to our TV!
- increase extra inch
- in 3D

I'm amaze that we can use our TV to talk? I mean, we can talk to our TV. It may not make sense now but it is true. I think what he meant was we can now interact with the TV than just a flat screen showing our regular TV shows.

Also, now our monitor is getting bigger and bigger. Everyone wants big thing now. That is why we get extra inch! How many inch is your desire.

Nowadays movies in cinema is in 3D, now people are trying to apply this to TV too. So that everyone can watch movies in 3D from home than going to cinema.

after the presentation,
they invite Mr Yu and Dato Lee to crack the wall

to launch the 3D experience to the audience

guys will get so much benefit because they can see hot girls

you can watch anything which is 2D to 3D now ..

Not 3D enough??? time to turn ON the switch !!!!

The 3D effect is good , really good.

Mr Jung, Mr Yu , Dato Lee, Chan Lock , Jimmy, Nicholas, Xu Jenn

now the VIP's also acting cool with the shades.

They look like men in black to me

after that, they have a showcase tour in 4 groups.

They show us how to interact using other gadgets to connect to the TV.

Laptop, Galaxy Tab and Camera

Now nothing is impossible

view the video to know more about what we can do with Samsung Smart TV.

The lady took picture of us and project it on the TV screen.

It really works!

What about playing game with Samsung Smart TV? plus 3D?

they have different sizes of LCD

The event ended around 12pm

when i return the specs back, they gave me a bag of goodies!!!

Inside have a "M" size Tee


a box full of USB gadgets!

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