Anyeong Seoul !!!

my 1st time sitting AirAsia

(i miss my sweater so much, i left it in KOREA T.T )

I think none of my blog readers know that i went to Korea 2 weeks ago.Anyway, I'm back from Korea and had flu ( from Malaysia). I will blog about my 7 days experience in Seoul plus how i survive in a very cold weather with a flu. It was 4 C at night and 14 C in the afternoon. This was actually our field trip for buying principle class. At 1st, I don't understand why people so fancy to go Korea or love Korea so much. But after that, i realize how Korea can actually make me LOVE KOREA. Especially the food in Korea that can't get in Malaysia.

I think i better stop now and continue writing about the trip in my report. Our lecturer ask us to write a report about it.

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