Berns Mega Surprise Party @ Brotzeit

11 March was the day that Japan has disaster

11 March was also Bernard Big Day which is his birthday

Tikkos (on the left) , and I were planning to give a big surprise for Bernard

Planning a party is not easy , it takes many people to help.

I decided to stick with the Brotzeit plan which Bern want's to organize himself

As i know he is very into German

Brotzeit gave us some special privileged too

Lucky we have some other can manage to get the cake too. Oh , did i mention cake? That's another surprise.

Here is the birthday boy Bernard

Those are the crazy bunch of guest that invited to the party!!!

95% is bloggers

All the guest arrived around 6 pm , me and bern were the late comers.

As i enter , my face turned red (here no picture to proof , shy) because all the guest starts to flash their camera on us. >_<

We shouted HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

After that we ordered food to please our stomach, yups, stomach comes 1st!

Bavarian Pizza

Pork Sausages

Salmon Fillet

Pork Medallions

Veal Escalope

This is my Fav!!! Best of the best

Pork Ribs! wuahahahhahahahah

Potato Salad

Emperor's Cake

This is one of their special desserts of the day


Cheers to Bernard

(obviously there's only 1 glass)

I guess he is not that surprise yet until

the whole restaurant dimmed the lights and the waiter brought in the cake

as the cake lay 10 cm away from the table

everybody starts to snap snap snap pictures of the CAKE!

Fwuahhhh, cake also celebrity

Bern trying to do meditation . LOL!

ok, so now he is making a wish

(i wonder what he wished for)

here comes the cutting cake moment

*damn red face ok *

guest of the night

Suresh made his appearance and gave him a surprise.

Eli , his college mate


Carmen was there too.. (^^)

Thanks everybody to make this surprise party happen!!

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