Reached this place at 7pm after a very tiring afternoon on Saturday

My afternoon was like carrying boxes
(life hard if don't know how to drive a car *sobs*)

Decided to drop by to help Anna cover this event , at the same time, music is one of my meditation if i get stressed up.

So, i waited for Suresh , unexpectedly , i bumped onto Dusty.That guy that gave free hugs last decade ago. haha

"K-town Clan" rapping with their "UH!! UH!! UH!!!"... performing for the opening
They are the winner for HipHOp Contest

yeahhh, that is what i remembered. =P

after the light dim away

Eugene Yee striking his pose with his violin

he starts playing

sooo furious!!!

I got so touched with the way he played all the songs

My fave was the time he played a Chinese song which is "Horse Race"

after sentimental touch my heart, it's time for some funk to brighten up



Apparently , i love the dub sounds.



let's say "BiggerFishCanFly,BiggerFishCanFly,BiggerFishCanFly,BiggerFishCanFly,

This petite girl may seem petite but she has a nice voice and very outgoing.

I just got to know that it's their 1st time performing

she sang in Urdu too

Her style is like our local singer "YUNA".

She ends the show with the song "All these that i've done by The Killers"

She pulled a audience and ask him to sing ...

"I got soul, but im not a soldier"

No kidding, we sang along with them too

it was a great performance by ICOM students

guys, i recommend music lovers to have a go to their performance.

"Bigger Fish Can Fly"

I'm sure they can FLY!real high in the future.

Shaz , Me and Suresh - After the show

Awesome guys that we met in front of the main entrance

wooooooohoooooo!!!!! I've got de- Stressed!! =D

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