My very own Lady Gaga Shoes, Yeah!

This is one of my Visual Merchandising project theme "The Body Collection". We were asked to display parts of human body like eyes, boobs, vains, bones, hands, butt, head .. etc. I know it sounds gross but i guess it would be very interesting. Anyway, my team mates decided to do spines. We thought that nobody will do spines. That is TRUE but everybody did BONES!!

I was like " what?O.o" - ok , we did thought of doing boobs or ehemz ehemz.... *censor*

Our window display will be under censorship due to some rights then , haha.

We got this idea of spines by this infamous spine heels and I've D.I.Y the whole spine thing.

from the picture you can see that dealing with clay is a DIRTY JOB



The back bones for the back of the halter top


After look after apply each clay and shaped it to a spine

whoaaala! MY LADY GAGA HEELS!! when can i wear them?

Honestly , doing this makes me feels like I'm studying anthropologists

I also made those broken spines to complete the dessert look

Our theme is soft edgy

soft like sand, hard and strong like the spine

These baby Cactus doesn't come easy when they pokes

The other group work

I got to be so random now but watch out!!!!

This is really freaking awesome bag design i ever found

For sure

This is a good idea if anyone wanna come close to my bags!!
don't you think so? hehe


  1. hi did you work with epoxic clay?
    did it stay on the heels?
    i have the feeling they just fell off, im trying to do this for myself but im afraid they just fall when i try to walk

    1. Hi, I did not use epoxic clay. I use the normal paper clay which is easy to break.
      If you keep in the box, it will still stay on the heels. But I suggest you use the clay that is not breakable. The shoe that I d.i.y is just for my assignment.