Trip to Taiping

My parents planned to go up to perak for a .... Vacation. well, it's a vacation cum meeting my sis at her National Service Camp at a very ulu village that is hard to be seen.

We went on a 2 days 1 night trip.

The 1st day was to reach there and sleep
The 2nd day was to send food to my sister.

On the way , my dad car fan broke down and he had to send it to repair. It took us hours waiting and wasting time while we actually should have the time to go around Taiping if we reach on time.

This is my 1st time heading north of Malaysia.
(I'm not joking)

i saw lot's of stones / hills.

I jump in joy when i saw a BIG SIGNAGE "IPOH"

(i also never been to ipoh)

When i saw this , i thought something is burning...

after miles and miles

Finally the hotel , FLEMINGTON

don't laugh because i only take picture of the toilet

after that we ate dinner

(the food is super cheap and good!)

Morning view

The best part of the hotel is the sky bar cum swimming pool


The best scenery!!!!


nice display made of spoons

this is taken while i *jaw dropped* taking some food

after breakfast

we went for the Taiping Lake Garden walk

i can tell that the scenery looks good even if I'm just using mobile camera

after that we went all the way to some village to find NS CAMP.
it was really scary to go to those weird roads that looks like dead end ....

Some unusual thing happen when driving along the kampung area is



Taiping is a very nice place to relax. =)

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