Charity Market @ Raffles (full cover)

I'm so glad that this event made a big success even though we are all selling 2nd hand stuff. Many Raffles students, lecturer, friends, and canteen worker went to support. Vendors were each categorize to sell different items from clothing, accessories, magazines & Books, bags & shoes and Household items. Prices are range as low as RM1. The plus point is that customers were allowed to bargain. My booth were selling clothing. I told that they can either buy or donate their clothing.Which people can actually buy or share. Well, sharing is caring. The main purpose of this was to present our final project for Visual Merchandise and also donate money to the new hope for Cambodia. Lecturer announced that we made a fortune, i hope kids in Cambodia will have a better life.

My booth is Wildflowers. Generally , we got the name from somewhere. Haha.
Anyway, we design our store layout to fit exactly like our team name.We use flowers,birds and butterflies.

I was so busy arranging the clothes

(this is my 1st time experience selling clothing)

the flowers are for sale too!!!

it can bring smiles to people life.

How cheap can it be than just RM5 for a branded?

Tanks and Shorts

nice pick for summer

Next to our booth is selling accessories

They also have this flowery theme

i guess it is the hype of spring

I can go GAGA if i own all of it.

Next up is Balsos Zapatos

Red bags are really catchy nowadays

shoes shoes shoes!!

Handmade Key chain!

Next up is Household Stuff

they also sell clothes

i found some lovely heart shape candle but i didn't take any pictures


Fashion Magz and Stationary!!

I bought a sketch book from them

This is one of the most exciting project i had so far and i really enjoy doing it. *cheers*

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