Travel in STYLE with Alstermo Bruk

What is up on Tuesday morning?As usual, housemates were rushing to work while I'm the pig sleeping on the bed.Well, noises waken the pig and the pig went to fashion site and played with Looklet. Yea, it's been awhile. I've found an interesting item while styling my model and i guess I'm having the mood to travel.The Luggage that i found is seriously vintage. I bet some of our parents uses that during their days and now we realize that it is trendy and cute.How about sticking vacation stickers on the luggage? This sounds fun traveling in style.

Introducing Alstermo Bruk luggage...

Their products are handmade in Sweden.All cases are exclusively numbered on a brass plate,
wooden framed, lined with linen fabric and decorated with leather trimmings.

They also provide custom made which it is known as Pegasus
if i were to custom mine, i would like to have La Paz Purple or some graphic printed like this

Vintage is so in right now! agree?

I've seen many bags design like this in fashion bazaars.

Alstermo Bruk is selling all sorts of classic bags and they are one of the oldest company in Sweden that sells tailor made bags.

Find out more : HERE
Visit the shop : HERE

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