Sushi Tei @ Pavilion

Before we meet with the other gang for field trip, me and my group members went for a lunch at Sushi Tei. Recommended by Emma. She said that she prefer here than any other sushi restaurant. Hmm, i wonder how good it is...

This is like my "MUST HAVE" item in all Japanese Restaurant.

Another "MUST HAVE"

4 out of 5 of us ordered Chawanmushi

As you can see here, I'm actually ordering the same thing but in a different restaurant , just to compare the difference.

The picture above is crab meat with rice

(perfectly goes well with Japanese curry)

Emma ordered this,

it's a mixture of tamago and salmon

The prawn is VERY CUTE!

Sushi Tei have a very nice environment with japanese music.

after eating lots of sushi

we drop by Fahrenheit to do some shopping?

Basically, we tend to shop whenever we have a field trip!!!

Sushi Tei Rating

Food : 8/10
customer service : 7/10
Ambient : 9/10

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