Who's in ChicPOP?

So, who is in ChicPOP?


for the 1st time ever.. ^^

I'm so happy because i wanted to do this since ages ago.

ChicPOP street market 6 held at JayaOne, last saturday.

my friend is busy fixing the belts

Concordia is a fashion line which i and my friend created.We uses our passion for art and fashion into fashion items like jewelry, belts, skirts and hats.Hell yes, both of us design and create unique pieces that are limited.We hope that people will appreciate art in fashion.

For ordering, I'm taking COD for the moment. =)

As you can see, these are all our Spring collection 2011.

The duration for every collection will be 3 months.

So, remake request are available during the collection period.

These are the ones that is HAWT market during that day

(Hmm, feminine and dark)

Above is a LIMITED EDITION Jewelry box design, drew and cut by me.

It is sold 1 for each theme in the spring collection.

Currently we have the 4 seasons of spring theme.

That is the Spring Spirits

These are few Artzy pendant necklace that i made that is not in the collection.

it is RM 20 each

My friend made this berets, they come in different colors and patterns.

it's cute.

Sometime, being a vendor don't have the opportunity to shop because a vendor will be busy with customers. I decided to take a walk when the event going to close. They had Topshop Makeover.

ooooooohhhhHh, TOPSHOP eh.

naissss =D

I was hunting for some bags and i saw some cute boxy vintage bag.

I enjoyed being in ChicPOP. Many fashionista were there. I even get to observe trendy Malays when they really know how to style themselves.Fashion police were walking around doing their street shots, people from 8TV interviewed some customers and vendors.

200 early birds get the super chic shopping bag that i also wanna have one when i saw cute badges pinned on the bag. cute much =D

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