Passion For Fashion Party @ Bakita

There's no such thing of posting late! Thinking of blogging about MIFW but the pictures are seriously driving me crazy. So here is one event that i attended , it's Passion For Fashion Party at Bakita.

This is the 1st time i drag my roommie to a fashion party, well, i guess she suppose to be there than people who are not suppose to be there because it is a Fashion party for Fashion people. Yeah.

We didn't plan to book a table nor meet anyone familiar at the event

Lucky me, Josh Lim were there so we join his table ^.^

Yupz, It's a bar.

Mainly this party is for Celebrities, Actresses , TV Host , Models, Media people and Fashion designers to gather .

Me? I'm a Fashion Marketer =P

Pssst! I saw Reshmanu there also!! ehem, he is one of my fav local singer.

The TV was showing all Victoria Secret fashion show and it's good for my assignment.

Each person were served with their special Johnnie Walker Cocktail of the night.

Ashley The Ahn was there too.




yea, whole Raffles was shock...

oh ya

Not to forget, i meet a Lawyer too. Wondering why a lawyer would go to this kinda event?

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