My Visit to my ex-college , PJCAD

I sometime still drop by my ex college which is PJCAD, PJ College of Art and Design. It brings back lot's of memory plus the fun we had in this college. One word: REFRESHING. The only thing that makes me go back is because i still have friend studying there , it gives me inspiration, and also the library that i love the most! Not to forget the food stall is awesome! At least i can have cheap and variety of food than eating Nasi Lemak everyday .Geez.

Well, PJCAD not a very well known college but they had fashion design

it just started but so far i think the students and the lecturer are doing great.

they have 2 student that entered Mifa . (not bad for a starter right?)



This is what i call , ART.

One of my best place in the college is the Rooftop


Because whenever we feel stress?
We can see art to make ourselves relax ... Hahahaha

(we always need to have new inspiration 24/7)

it's a good place to do Street Photography too

basically this is the top floor of the Old Wing.

Next to my friend class, i spotted



Suddenly i feel so proud that my artwork is one of the decoration in the college.



Then here is my friend Kavi talking to me and she didn't realize that there's a monster trying to attack her!!!! Hahahhahaha....

one thing is that i have to walk a lot when i study in this college





All of these are artwork by the foundation students



Another favorite part is the Library

This library can fit many students

I used to talk to the Librarian , Mr Greg, whenever i'm feeling bored.

over there there's a series of Mac's for student to use.

There's a meeting room

also, a classroom

and Laptop Room

While waiting for my friend to finish class

I pick up some books

which are seriously NOT the old version

Many brand new book on the shelves

(there's old books also)

well, now that i'm at Raffles, i can tell the difference between Art School and Fashion School.
In Fashion School, i can see people dressing up like models, enviroment is clean, plain, class but i'm still not that happy with Raffles library. I wonder how students find their inspiration around the college. Hmmm.

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