Art Expo @ MATRADE

Me and my roommie went to the LARGEST ART EXPO in MATRADE. It was not easy to get there. We thought of taking the shutter bus, but ended taking cab from KL sentral because the information was not clear enough. Luckily, whenever we are lost, we have something called "internet". I tracked down the map to the place for the cab driver to know where exactly is the place.

The malay cab driver was so kind and we chat while reaching to our destination.

He also act like a tour guide when he introduce the buildings.

We were so excited when reach ....

(don't you think the building is so beautiful? I can't stop saying "wahh, sangat cantik!")

Hehe, the entrance

Art Expo is an exhibition of art pieces collected around the world.

Art buyers are allowed to purchase art too.

1st , we saw Malaysia Art

Korean Art

Japan Art

Mona Lisa "old version"

Singapore Art, Europe Art, Cuba Art, etc..........

Not to forget

China Art

(play Chinese instrument)

after viewing all the art pieces

there's live demonstration by professor Li Chi Mao

painting using the ink normally for "zhong Kai"

he can control the brush very well creating texture to the brush strokes.

he explained that this is about Monkey "animals" and human are the same.
we are all living thing.Must be treated the same.

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