DKNY x Belvedere Fashion Party

Fuhhhh, finally another blog post after a long journey of assignments! Gawd. Fashion school is really crazyyy! honestly it is freaking stress but fun at the same time because we get to dress up according to the era of fashion we choose to do.

This event happened last week , no idea which date. I went all the way to subang and met feeq. Apparently , he was late. Still, i waited for him while eating snowflake =). It was my 1st time eating there. I was abit tipsy on that day because i had too much Rock n Roll the day before. Went to feeq place n trow up there. Yup. Before the DKNY event.

We arrived at TUDM and here i am holding my INVITATION card that looks like a credit card. Cool right?

So you know, this is not like any fashion show you see at the mall.

Because it's DKNY!!!!

who doesn't know DKNY and i will smack that person , haha

I was hiding my camera like some spy

at the end , i found most people brought camera there

the whole place protected by the Army.


I love this moment.

Hehehe, i had some coke with DKNY label on it.

I can't drink champagne


here are the people that attended the place

Mich, she's so NYC

Jason Chan



Josh Lim

Xiao Tong

The fashion show start

*i took some video*

So freaking happy because i watched it live in front of me
it's a different feeling than watching on

The fashion show featuring Autumn and Winter collection for kids and adults.

I'm a model wannabe on the stage! LOL, just playing.

This is an event which fashion meets music

When fashion and Media people connect with the mixing of music played by a hot DJ.

DKNY had this awesome after party

My friend Ashley is soooo crazy for this DJ

Who doesn't?

He's Joey G.

Can frame this up already. Haha

After party vodka

Yea man...

best thing is the nice design on the glass!

I spotted Jason with a Handbag!

*actually he is helping a girl to carry it*


We had a Blast

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