Band Performance @ Bangkok Connection

My friend Sumaira brought me to our own college band performance. This is the 1st time i went to a college event in Raffles , although they had already been on for 4 times already. It's good that the place is next to Ampang Park, which is a good location for all of us. On that day , lecturer and student from Raffles were enjoying their after Study time.

Bangkok Connection is a Bar not a place for Bangkok people.

They also serve food as well.

Me and Sumaira

Mr. Derek was the MC on that day

He is my fav leturer and also he is our department director

The 1st band started with a track "Endless Whisper"

Here comes our GUITAR HERO

It's seriously Rocking and we Rock our heads off!!!

The performance end with the song "ZOMBIE"

which most of us gone really WILD

Some of them even try to show off the twisting skill

We paid RM5 and we had FREE FLOW OF DRINKS ...

Oh well.

Showing off the beer .. chewahhh

I'm shock that my lecturer can really enjoy


Spot a guy with a mask and i think it's cute....

wonder how he can breath with that

So, here is Alnea our American lecturer doing some Head Banging.

We can really loose to her Head Bang. Gosh

So far , this is the best college event i ever been ... it was a success.

Raffles students should look forward to the next Band Performance Party
(confirm no regret if you LOVE MUSIC and LOVE PARTY)

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