Brotzeit German Food @ Midvalley

Honestly, what is German food??? Have you tried it before? Based on my food testing, i never really eat German food before. Brotzeit is the place! They have variety of pork dishes and beer. Which makes me think that Germans always need to have beer during their meal.

Here is the view if there's not many people around
Trust me, This place is pack when the clock strikes 10pm.

Make sure you reserve a table!

The menu

Interior is nice

Me and Jess ordered Tea

from this pic you can see that blogger have to even watermark pics during dinner.

Our appetizer

Jason says that this is for your stomach to digest after having lots of PORK.

(I don't really eat it)

Here comes Brotzeit specialty , PORK Ribs

It's fantastic! Guarantee no regret ordering this =)

crispy from the outside and juicy inside with the lil spices that will burn your tongue

Appetizer , Potato Salad


German Pancake

Very warm and sweet with the sugar frosting on top

Banana Puff for dessert

Me , Jess and Jason

(The glass of Paulaner is just for show, haha)

These pictures taken by a Hello Kitty Polaroid Camera

Rate : 10 / 10

Food is awesome, beer is awesome ...

what is not Awesome????

Come to Brotzeit and enjoy fine German Pork dish and also Fine beer! =)

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