Triple Birthday Party @ Gaja Bistro & Cafe

Feels like there's many Octoberian birthdays happening this month. Most of my friends like cheez, jeremy and this week Jasreen are celebrating their birthday. Seems like my blog will be filled with Birthday Post. wheeee!

Last Saturday , 50 blogger friends were invited to this Triple birthday party ( Jeremy , Jason Chan and Mike Yip) held at Gaja in Bangsar. It is a Bistro and Cafe. The place is really high class but the food is "So So". I didn't take any picture of the food because my stomach were making some music. LOL

This is another painting which i found interesting.

Familiar right?

After the buffet dinner,

they had this game called

" who can blow the BIGGEST BALLOON? "

Sound like some kiddie game during our children day festival.

Yea, i know SAM can BLOW the BIGGEST!!!

SAM has the BIGGEST. Don't play play.

I have this biggest FEAR when a Balloon start to POP!!!!

(i love balloons , if it doesn't pop)

someone should invent a balloon that doesn't pop at all . yikes.

after that jeremy (one of the b'day boy, superstar) Lap dance with Hanie!!!!

They had this lucky draw thingy

Like playing Truth or Dare



here comes the cake

The candle looks like my "21" birthday

(remember jess?)

and then

we sang

3 times!!

3 some mah...

The 3 birthday boy cheers to their huge Beer

as usual

we never stop taking self picture!!!

Somehow i felt like I'm not getting used to taking self picture


Angelkein and Me

Me and Mich

This time she cuddle me

Jeremy and Me

a glass of beer when it comes to socializing around

been a year i didn't talk with some of them due to my disappearance
They ask so many questions
most of the question are the same

There's one time i move to the other table to social around

I don't want to feel like an alien so we did the introduction thing

she's so cute that she ask me

"Are you famous?"

I totally have no comment on that one.

Hahaha. =)

Glad to meet some new people during the party


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