it's 20.10.2010 ,Loves!

So, what everybody done so far during this whole 2010? Actually I'm a person that doesn't catch up with TIME. If you ask me what time or when or what date is it? i will totally go blank. So, i found out from Victoria FB about this Date. =D Decided to blog about something not FOOD related and i come out with this post. How should i explain my year this year? It's pack with entertainment, friends, love , sharing, knowledge, events, knowing more people especially great people like Ashley gang! ok, im going to brows through my pictures and list them out =)

The timeline begin :

1. Life changes after i move in Serimaya , not just because i have a good roommate but i found a new best friend that i can trust in my life. What got my attention to her it is towards her love for art and fashion.She already graduated from fashion design. I learned alot from her , from art to fashion to music. Yes, Japanese music. In my point of view, she's a good painter. I think my painting has improved ever since i stay with her. Well, to me, same species easily get along easily. hahaha

2. Jeremy, the only guy blogger that I'm close with. Whenever i see him , it always reminds me of Dancing. Went to few workshop with Chew and him. Learned different type of dancing.So, he is the person that got me actively into those stuff and also Rock climbing ?

3. I made a wish so many times in so many different wishing wheel but none of it granted. =(

4. I admit that i have a soft heart when it comes to farewell for my friends who graduated because i always have to have lots of tissue box with me the next day. I really miss Anita, Deby and Chew.

5. 1st time i won a styling competition just to win the Alice limited edition merchandise like the fancy umbrella.At the same time, i do really love to be Alice. =D

6.My convocation held this march , it was a blast! It feels great being graduated with a cert! and I'm waiting to get my 2nd cert which is harder cause I'm actually challenging myself to study business, nah but.. I'm fine with fashion subjects.

7. Me and my friends made a costume based on the Victorian Period for our one of our assignments. I'm so proud of us! ^^

8. One thing i like about my housemate it is because we are like a family everytime we had birthday celebration.This year, we celebrated Anita (when Aaron around) , Chew (she had the same date as my bf), Deby ( the most funniest birthday ever when everything goes K-Oed) and Cindy. Not to forget My birthday also =)

9. I started to really do cooking ever since i move in to this new place.From east to western, I'm mad!

10. Bern accompanied me to Tokio Hotel concert held at 1U , it was a mini concert then. I'm happy as long as i get to experience my 1st feeling being in the crowd.

11. Chew couldn't make it to Moda show and she gave me the tickets. I manage to tag along with my junior and saw my PJCAD friends too. This is the day i remember that they miss spelled PJCAD to PJ Cat. -_-

12. Went to Urbanscapes and also tried out mini Acting workshop in actor studio!!!! Acting is fun!

13. I studied accounting and economics twice!!! This is the worst of my life.

14. I have this thing of getting free perfumes. Have no idea when will i get Juicy Couture.

15. Attended many fashion bazaar lately but i only manage to buy few things.

16. My roommie brought me to "Buto" dance performance recently. It was a nice experience watching live theater performance and understand the ART of dance.

17. Manage to get in touch with roommie Jess recently and she change a lot!

18. Tried Brotzeit, German food ( will blog about it soon)

19. Finally my blog is back and alive. I cant let my blog being dead for no reason, gotta pump up my laziness.My laziness of watermarking photo's .

20. Happy 20.10.2010 !!!!!

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