it's Cheez 22nd Birthday

Long time did not meet cheez and ven since our last gathering. Cheez , the birthday boy parents rented the apartment for a night ( I think that is his gift).

The place is Somerset
It is a Service Apartment

Living room is so HUGE!

Basically everything is provided =D

Recently i have this habit of eye-ing for ART work

This is a nice painting. wonder if it has meaning?

Guest room

Master room!!!!! So romantic! ehemmm.

Nice bathroom

Me , Jun and Ven is striking our next top model on the BED , lol.

Ven and Me

She's the birthday boy GF and extremely busy during the day .

*cough* camwhore when people not around

sheesh, wonder if they install a hidden camera somewhere o.o

the before look of the kitchen

you never know what happen AFTER

Cake that me and Jun bought for Cheez

from Pavilion

See how happy he is

Until he wanna use his mouth to pick up the candle

Too bad , ex- roomie jess couldn't smack his face to the cake because the cake is damn expensieve

Jess is crazy as ever

This is normal!

If you think you drank the best Heineken from the bottle? NO

The best Heineken is from this thing!!!

Ice cold Heineken straight to your throat

BRRR ... =P

No idea why Rui is Jizzing


who's hand is that???


whatever brand is this. it is a 12% Alcohol beer!!!

@___@ 1st time seeing this.


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