The Taste of REAL Arabian food

I've found a new place that can replace my "mamak-ing" moment. But this place isn't cheap. Imagine eating real Arabian food cook by Arabians. An Arabian take your order and serve your food . Sometimes they speak to me in arabian. -_-" well, of cause they ask if you want "sisha" after your order. When i flip the menu, i was clueless about what to order and when i ask, they sometime explain in a language i dont know.

The 1st food i try is the mendi, mandy, mandi.... chicken with rice. lol
it's niceeeeeeeee

next day, i try the only arabian food i know KEBAB.

Of cause , im not eating alone,... my housemate Anita was there.

me and my ****** face -_-"

I have a sweat moment when the waitress said that we look alike. They also asked if we are twins. O.O

best part is they think we are from china.

something about arabian restaurant is that they uses alot of lights

this canopy looks so familiar. xD

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