Intergalactic-electro music - LIGHTS!

i really have this urge to blog about this songwritter/singer. Haha, yea, im suppose to do my reference book but i search for music . -_- typical me , i guess. This girl reminds me of Ashlee Simpson. And her makeup is like mine, always a simple black eyeshadow with liner.

Valerie Poxleitner is not just a girl with a beautiful face but she's artistic as well. She's not just a singer/ song writter but she appeared in comics because she is also a comic artist. One of the series is aired on MTV now, called " Audio Quest: A Capt. Lights Adventure " voiceover by her. She’s hot, she sings, she likes comics and plays World of Warcraft? I think im admiring her already. xD

Official Website : HERE

some of my fav video's

enjoy =)

ps: i will be back blogging next week monday

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