M.I.F.A 2009

hey! its MIFA [This is my 1st time chance to catch the fashion show because it held in pavilion]

The person taking my photo is my bf. He came to visit me.

People like me just wanna watch the fashion show and I accompany him to watch the Fourth Kind [It is creepy].

Collections that present on that day was Couture Inspiration. Haute Couture , a high end fashion with full of detailing. 3 designers showcase their collections are David Fung, N.A.F.I Collezione and local shoe brand N.Y.C..

This reminds me of the Egyptian days. I love those sleeves, do you think we should start making holes on our sleeve?1st it was fringe right?

Somehow i feel this collections is more towards the Crete because of that skirt.

draping effect {Rome inspired}

Nice cut tank top.

This is more like malay "baju kurung" but re-invented.

This is my favourite garment among all.

do you know there's fashion dolls next to the stage?
Can you guess who is the winner?

This is from Raffles . The doll can rotate. Pretty cool.

One thing i like is how he plays with the lines that create a nice body shape to the body.

im flying without wingssssss....

Ps: there is a assignment which I have to imitate the garments from the ancient days . almost the same as above but ancient. @@! hope i have more inspiration after the fashion show.

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