Sushi Zanmai @ The Gardens with buddy's

This is my 1st time [makans],[yumcha], lunchie with my friends from Raffles. We gossip alot, we make fun of each other and also turn into a retard because of someone. I will say who is that someone later.

Me and Grace {she blogs too}

She ordered something very "WAH" factor...

*sure expensieve*
we ordered something simple only... tsk tsk

Agnes Mui {we are the same age but im elder, wth}.
Sweva {Russian guy, he turn us into retards by talking like this :sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa} so yea.

*don't angry yea*

this is how it should be

The trio

Agnes . Me . Grace

sweva is the camera man...

ps: he use a hand to hold 2 camera to take this pic.... -_-"

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