Happy Halloween 2009

It's Halloween !!!


This is my 2nd post on halloween in my blog. hehe. [my blog is still fresh]

This Halloween filled with lot's of assignments/projects and the best part is....................*drum roll*

My 1st time buying imported Halloween choc for this Halloween. The worst part is I'm stuck at home again... sighhhh. [why my college dont have Halloween party?] =(

i can imagine my siblings saliva dripping... wuahahaha....

Wrapping it to give to some of my housemates.

They are not just ordinary choc's but it have fillings inside. One of them is Peanut butter cups.

Instead of changing my blog layout, i decided to pimp my twitter layout into a Halloween Theme.


From devilish to Kittycat. MEOW

Anyway, i really wish to attend Halloween party but no transport. sigh

Maybe i should just stick to twitter


My bunny is guarding my P1....

The line is awesome.

PS: we dont do trick o treating here in malaysia but you might get one if you bump on me xD

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