Full Of Lights On Deepavali

I would like to tell you guyz on how i spent my Deepavali this year. I've been invited to 2 open house on deepavali by my friends and my dad friend.Haha, I ate alot of curry. Real spicy and nice.

This is my friend Alicia, but the open house isnt hers. It's my best friend Kavitha. Too bad, i didn't manage to grab her pic.Kavitha wore a Greek delicate dress with rhinestones in the middle and Alicia wore a traditional pink punjabi suite. It's nice to have a mini gathering because we hardly see each other already.

We were tempted by the curry chicken and mutton. I had 3 rounds! xD

The best part is they also have red wine. it makes me feel like christmas.

Hard work decorations did by kavitha.



On the next day before my dad send me to ampang, he ask me to tag along in his friend open house. REMEMBER, i am tempted by curry mutton! xD I manage to temp my sister too.. muahaha.

When i try to guess which is the open house, I and my sis immediately JAW DROP to the ground, because we cant believe we are attending a grand deepavali open house. O_O.

It was so marvelous until i cant help it but to take picture of every single angle.

The interior is so unique, never seen something like this.

I like the transparent organza fabric laying as a tent with multiple lights displaying like stars.

Deepavali is about lights

The table and chairs are decorated with white and gold fabric that looks like entering a golden royal palace.

THE V.I.P area

Do you feel the royalty???
The ambience is really relaxing like spa.
Imagine sitting there with indian instrument playing in the background.
haha, i think i can do JOGA there.

My Lanci face.

the home cook fooooooooooooood. YUMS!

to the designer : Well done

ps: all images taken from my handphone exp the 1st image.

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