The making of a mood and concept board for shoe design

hey there, this is me with my teammates.The green shirt girl on my right is my new roommate. =P One of our project in this semester is the "pimp my bag" project for textile class. It is not just "pimping the bag" but there's whole lots progress to do before we do the actual bag.

From this picture right here. This is the reason i've been so busy last whole week. The whole week was researching for bags and fashion that related to our chosen theme. We are doing Operatic.

choosing the images to be place on the board

fashion and textile on mood boards
bags on concept boards

HAHA, i have to put Lady Gaga there because her style on VMA is so operatic.

after making the boards, there's planning , drawing and buying materials.

This class is huge. We combine class with the fashion design and seniors.

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