Final Destination 4 @ 1Utama

Fuhh, finally.. I'm blogging! I'm back to pj again to find my SPM results (O_O), and of cause to watch Final Destination. Kinda disappointed, 1st i thought it's in 3D, so i rush just for the movie.2nd, i didn't win anything, not even a notepad, guess my horrified face is not that scary.. xD 3rd, the movie sucks! The whole movie duration is only 1 hour. when i watch the movie, it's like im watching That's so Raven but worst. The movie also tells you who will die next. No surprise at all.Sorry but this is true.~

We had a light dinner at McD before the movie

Well I spot Something Fishy here.....

Wenpink wearing wendy's T-shirt YET enjoying McD burger!

Sam feeling so LIGHT and Feminine... Wonder what have he done to himself?
*it's the power of Veet man*

Our GROUP photo
*it's huge*
ps: do not watch FD, you will regret! But maybe it will be better in 3D...

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