EV D.I.Y's : Pimp your pendrive into a BLING necklace

One thing about being at home is acting like im really staying at home.I went back subang last week to celeb my dad birthday and catch MTV world stage on MTV. I always have a habit of switching the channel to ONLY MTV or Channel V. Im a music person. Besides watching MTV, i used to have a hobby of making stuff (so-called rubbish to my dad). I d.i.y 2 stuff last week.One is a pendrive and another is my jeans .

Im a glam person which means i like everything that LOOKS nice but function able. Ok, i have this idea of blinging my pendrive when i saw a diamond pendrive on someone's blog. But, when i bling it, i suddenly think of BLING BLING NECKLACE. Of cause i want to carry around and look fashionable. so i make it into a necklace.

it's very easy~

you need a sheet of bling bling sticker , i bought it at rm13.(still have leftover)


A pendrive (there's many shape of pendrive but i think KINGSTON looks good)

Cut and paste only, easy
Put a coat of clear nail polish


string the pendrive with any metal chain



"Bling and nice"

It looks good on any outfits

it is also usable by storing important files

so this is a Pendrive hip hop necklace

next up is my failed diy jeans *ops*

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