Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince + Mamaking in KLCC

Bern and me watched harry potter on Thursday. I follow harry potter until now and also have read the 7th book. Hehe. Funny thing is i didn't buy the 6th.. LOL. So, i went watching Half Blood Prince blindly without knowing whats going to happen but i can understand what they are talking about , because it clearly explained based on the flashbacks from the 7th book.

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince movie have alot of romance, humour, and also Mystery.
It was a great movie that keeps me awake. there is something interesting in every part of the movie. LOL. I think the 7th will be the best of the best.^_^

I always like to visit Harry Potter website HERE

They have lots of stuff to do in the website. =D (honestly i feel that this website is the most simple ones compare to the other from part 1-5)

They have a POTION making on youtube, check it out ... HERE

thats all for Harry Potter


We went starbucks to have a chilling Coffee Jelly Frap

I love this one ^__^

*ignore the lady*

after that we went to the food court to have our dinner


Chapatti with Tandoori Chicken


Indian Mix Rice

The curry chicken is niceeeeeeeeee

the stall is easy to spot, its on the left side where can see a cook flipping chapatti behind a transparent glass.

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