FANS OF MONSTERS???? at MidValley

I went Midvalley yesterday with Bernard. While waiting for him ( in my whole history , i always end up waiting for the guy than the guy wait for me) , I spotted so many CUTE monsters hanging with the sales signboard. It is too cute until i began to HUNT for it or the monsters are the one who hunt me..hahaha. Too bad, No REDTARD or PUCKPUCK. I love the decorations because its cute. The decorations will be put up until august.

They remind me of Barney and Friends. Polka dots and purple and yellow and green, familiar?

LOL, the monsters enjoyed showing their butt.

while walking together with bern,

Some monsters came to SCARED US AWAY by... standing there and act cute. AWWWW

*it wont be cute if they are really alive right?, i think i will be the 1st to run..haha*

See? monsters also know how to pose to the camera *jealous*

this one looks like a dino

This one looks like BOB THE BUILDER

This one looks like FISHYY

I think this is a LOBSTER...

Im as red as Lobster when i laugh

OK, this is... AMOEBA

His friend or his enemy? =P

LUNCH AT Spaghetti Grill

This is Me

Fish and Chips

rating 9/10


Bern ^_^

he look good here


His rating 7/10

We ate the lunch set which is rm 10++ with drinks

worth it right.


after that we watched

Public Enemies

I honestly think that the movie is not suitable for all, especially the vintage enviroment.

If people can sleep watching transformers? I can say that i nearly slept watching this movie

The shooting part , the storyline isn't what i expected

Oh well, you can hear Johnny Depp singing in one short clip.

rating 5/10


This is picture of the day

2345, what a nice number

They use plastic container which is not healthy.

eh wait, since when fast food is healthy,,, swt

CHEEZY? NO . Not enough cheese *add rm 1 for extra cheese*


Marcaroni? Normal

Chicken Ball ? Nice

Overall ... The cheese is from the cheesy wedges.


rating 7/10

RM 6

Project D.I.Y

it's been a long time i didn't touch any of my crafting hobbies.
Since Im so free, i would love to start crafting again.
I bought some of the materials yesterday. yups, i spend rm 20 on it. *smack me pls*
Luckily i am a member else... im gonna go bankrupt.

So, whats my project?

Im gonna make a Charm Bracelet and a Hippie Band.

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