Date with Roomie Jess at Sushi Zanmai , 1 Utama

Rush back home yesterday to accompany my dear roomie jess for dinner,.... BUT

She then told me that she need to collect a leggings she reserved at TOPSHOP in 1Utama.

[the leggings has a jeans print on it]

We went dinner 1st before shopping...

Jess favourite Japanese Restaurant, SUSHI ZANMAI..

The Menu



We were wearing a TUBE and heels. ^_^
She so "geng" , don't have to look at the menu to order.

recomended by jess

IT's ITCHIBAN!! ^___^

Love the curry

This plate of sushi over here is worth RM12.


Above all, i had a great date with jess again =)

ps: so far , i still cant remember any sushi names. >_<

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