Im going to LG Blog Launch party tmw! Wheeee will i dress as an Angel or DeviL?

Got my tickets to LG event this friday and i have already settle all the stuff ^___^

glad that i done my final touch today

anyway, in the party, there will have prizes to be won such as the
LG 32” FULL HD LCD TV for Best Dress
LG Arena Handphone for the best blog post

Last night , i was busy D.I.Y something...

and that something is ..... *drumrolls*

A devils FORK

I were becoming like neil in Art Attack ...

Newspaper, PVA, Tapes, paint... Tissue paper
Sigh... after all the effort i put, and thinking that i do not have much time left..
i was out of my mind and I JUST BUY IT AT THE PARTY SHOP
*It's just a few bucks right? Gawd, im broke again *

Oh well,

I will share my tutorial on how to make DEVILS FORK if anyone interested.

You can definately save some money for halloween next time ~

anyway, see you All ANgeLS and DEviLs at LG party ^_^

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